Masks are not just for Halloween!

I'm pleased to say everyone that has bought my masks are so happy with them they have ordered more! Thank you very much everyone! I'm so pleased to be able to help protect you all.

Its great to hear if you wear glasses my masks stop your glasses fogging up. I purposely designed my masks to keep normal eye glasses and protective glasses from steaming up. There's nothing worse than trying to peer through a thick damp fog, which is also an ideal surface for viruses to cling to the moist droplets on the lens. So my masks are great protection for those of us that wear glasses. This is me in my crazy cats mask.

I don't think I've put it in the descriptions, but all my masks are steam treated before despatch to make sure they are sterile. But it's something I do to every single mask I sell. Just thought I'd throw that in before I forget to mention it. lol

The Halloween masks were popular. I carefully chose patterns that could be worn when it's not Halloween, so they weren't a one off occasion. And now as it's not long to Christmas, I've made a few festive masks, and these have been popular too. I have some plaid/tartan fabric that I will be making up into masks, with around 6 or 7 different tartans. The farbric is polycotton so nice and light (and cool) to wear, with the usual 3 protective filters stitched in. These will probably make great stocking fillers and presents for Christmas and probably popular with the men and a change from just plain colours! After all not everyone wants funky patterns or cute animals on their masks!

For a bit of variety I'm also trying out some different patterns, Cheeky Cats and Crazy Cats for example, where the design is different on each half of the mask. I think they're great fun, and something a bit different. These masks are usually one off's. As I have to pick an area of the fabric to capture most of or the best bit that will fit on a face mask. So no two are the same and you won't see these for sale on any other website.

I've also made some Mask Keepers, all different sizes and shapes, and different closures - slip in, poppers or zips. Some hold just one mask, some two masks and others 6 or more masks, If you have a favourite pattern and you'd like a mask keeper to match, please message me if it's not already in the shop and if I have enough of the same fabric I can give you a quote, or you can message me and ask for a mask and mask keeper that match. These are great as gifts. The Mask Keepers are all washable and made of polycotton fabric with interfacing to give them a bit of stiffness. They are machine or hand washable. The larger ones have a strong lobster claw fastener to clip onto a bag or belt. I am experimenting in oil cloth bags, it's difficult fabric to work with but it's ideal to make waterproof bags for face masks as it gives a lot of protection. When I've got a few made up I'll pop them on the shop.

We're now all in the second wave of Covid, whichever country we live in, with different regulations almost every day. It can be depressing and a lot of us are suffering from anxiety, me included, but I'm pretty sure we will all get through this, we just have to live each day as it comes and make the most of the good bits in each day, because there nearly always is some, we might just have to look for them a bit harder.

I notice more than most, being a face mask producer, that most members of the public don't wear their masks correctly, their either below the nose, under the chin, loose fitting around the face, on top of their heads, and some remove their masks to speak to people. These people are not protecting themselves or others. Most masks on the street are FFP1 types that just protect other people. I do make FFP1s as you know, but hardly ever sell them. I put clear instructions inside all my masks when I despatch them to help people when they first wear them, so they know exactly how to adjust the ear loops and bend the top edge wire so that the whole mask is fitted comfortably but tightly around the nose and mouth. Wearing a mask this way, my FFP2 masks will give you 99% protection against Covid if worn properly.

There is so much people don't know about different masks, I think there should be information on the internet, in the press, radio and TV. No wonder numbers of infections are rising, when people think they're being protected or protecting others, when infact, they might just as well go out without a mask if they use an inferior mask.

There was a recent article and announcement in the UK by WHICH, who test thousands of products every year, and they stated that multiple layer fabric masks are the best type to wear and can give up to 99% protection. What they didn't mention is the exact make up of each layer and most importantly the fit. The fit is the most important part of a mask. I've noticed a lot of homemade fabric masks for sale online on a well known shop where people can sell their homemade products, and state they are 3 layers. Yes, 3 layers are multi layer masks but they're not going to give you much protection because 3 layers of cotton/polycotton isn't enough, and if they don't fit properly they're next to useless. The more people learn about how to protect themselves now against Covid and any future corona viruses, the more people can be protected and lives saved. Sorry if I have droned on about this, but its something that is very important to keep the infection rates down and stop the number of deaths rising.

Thanks again to my regular customers and anyone considering trying one of my masks reading this article, stay safe and have fun wearing your masks!

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