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So we can go out now without masks and no social distancing, really? Who would want to do that when Covid is still lurking waiting to grab us? Not me!

So I've reduced all my face masks so everyone who wants to still continue to wear a mask can wear a different one every day if they want, and with so many fab patterns and now 2 different styles to choose from you could have quite a collection! Who doesn't like to wear something thats great looking instead of those grotty old blue medical paper masks or the drab plain black ones? And a great looking mask is now considered a fashion accessory! My masks offer great protection and more than most available so you can go out confident that you're as safe as you can be. If someone remarks about you wearing a mask you can mouth rude words at them and they don't even know! Oh yes! We've done that a few times in the last year or so. lol

During the last few months when things started to calm down a bit and everyone was more used to the routine of keeping ourselves safe and PPE wasn't so difficult to source I managed to get a new wholesaler who can supply me with medical grade reusable polypropylene that is so much thinner than that used in my first masks back in 2020. It's so light and comfy!

Now I can offer my usual 3D face masks and the new Origami style which is ideal for outdoor exercise, walking, jogging, tennis or ball games. They're easy breathing, washable and have permanent filters you don't have to worry about. Just sling them in the washing machine or wash them by hand and hang them up to dry!

Basically there's 2 types of filtration, High and Medium. I'm not allowed to call them FFP1, 2/3 anymore due to Government legislation so it's High or Medium. The High filtration masks have 4 layers, 2 outer cotton layers with high thread count and 2 inner permanent filters - 1 medical grade waterproof and breathable polypropylene and 1 waterproof air blown fibre. So they give pretty good protection for you (if worn properly) and those around you. The Medium filtration masks also give protection but only have 3 layers, 2 outer cotton layers and 1 inner medical grade polypropylene layer.

You can choose which you want on the product page and just add it to your basket. Shipping is free within the UK and there's flat rate shipping to everywhere outside the UK, the rates are available to see on the bottom of the home page under Shipping and Returns.

There's some great savings to be had now as all masks are up to 20% off! So make your way over to the shop and take a peek. Thanks for reading this and please take care of yourselves and stay safe!

The Pawjuss Pets Team


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